Pitch Contest


Now that I have you attention…

Okay, so I entered a pitch contest over this past weekend via Twitter.  I had 140 characters to pitch.  Whew…all I could think about was tag line.  What’s a good tag line for my story?  Well…my tagline was good enough that they publisher asked me for a full submission.  I know, I know…

Well, now I have to write a synopsis and put the final touches on my story.  So don’t be surprised if I hit up my crit group (and you know who you are) for help with the final revision and synopsis.  I’m actually not nervous because this is my story that was rejected back in October so even if they don’t want it, I can say that I have done a synopsis and at least was asked for a submission.

Okay, I’m done…talk amongst yourself or give me some advice.




Now that I have your attention…this way, turn this way.  You can drool later…

Just a quick update.  I’m almost ready to re-submit my rejected short story.  Fingers crossed.  I have figured out the tag line/log line pitch and that was a blast to figure out.  I know, I’m weird. 

I’ve also gotten some really good crits back on Waiting on Sunday.  Seems that I need to lose the Prologue and butch up my hero.  He was too Beta, not Alpha enough.  Changes made…I love getting crits back.  I like to read what other people think and see where I need to make changes.  As a newbie writer, I appreciate the feedback and I feel it makes me a better writer, if not a better reader.

I still plan on entering Waiting on Sunday for a contest but I need to work on it alot within the next couple of months.  Its due in March.

Until next time, keep on writing…

New Year’s Day

The sexiest man on the planet

I know, I know.  Its been awhile.  As most of you know, I subbed and entered contests this year.  Didn’t win anything and the first sub that I had was rejected and it devastated me.  I didn’t write or even read a book for almost a month.  I realize that’s part of the process but the rejection stung for alot of reasons that I won’t go into on this blog.

Here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year:

1.  Write more.  Sounds easy, right?  For me, its not.  I don’t see how some people write with a EDJ, marriage, kids and just life in general.  But I will do it this year.

2.  I am entering a contest for Decadent publishing.  Story is half finished and I need to finish it so I can turn it in by March.  

3.  Update this blog more often.  I don’t want to bore everyone to death with my ramblings, so I’ll try to keep it brief when I do.

4.  As most of you know, I joined RWA.  I did also join Passionate Ink through RWA.  I highly encourage any writer to check them out.  Great stuff over there.  Regardless of how you feel about RWA, Passionate Ink is a great chapter for support and encouragement.

5.  Lastly…isn’t Jon lovely.  ***sigh***  I’ve been in love with him since 1980 and that’s a long time.  πŸ™‚