Pitch Contest

Now that I have you attention…

Okay, so I entered a pitch contest over this past weekend via Twitter.  I had 140 characters to pitch.  Whew…all I could think about was tag line.  What’s a good tag line for my story?  Well…my tagline was good enough that they publisher asked me for a full submission.  I know, I know…

Well, now I have to write a synopsis and put the final touches on my story.  So don’t be surprised if I hit up my crit group (and you know who you are) for help with the final revision and synopsis.  I’m actually not nervous because this is my story that was rejected back in October so even if they don’t want it, I can say that I have done a synopsis and at least was asked for a submission.

Okay, I’m done…talk amongst yourself or give me some advice.



11 thoughts on “Pitch Contest

  1. My first piece of advice is to BREATHE! LOL I can hear the excitement all the way over here in Virginia. 🙂 So happy about the Twitter Pitch request. Good luck and keep us posted!


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