Now that I have your attention…this way, turn this way.  You can drool later…

Just a quick update.  I’m almost ready to re-submit my rejected short story.  Fingers crossed.  I have figured out the tag line/log line pitch and that was a blast to figure out.  I know, I’m weird. 

I’ve also gotten some really good crits back on Waiting on Sunday.  Seems that I need to lose the Prologue and butch up my hero.  He was too Beta, not Alpha enough.  Changes made…I love getting crits back.  I like to read what other people think and see where I need to make changes.  As a newbie writer, I appreciate the feedback and I feel it makes me a better writer, if not a better reader.

I still plan on entering Waiting on Sunday for a contest but I need to work on it alot within the next couple of months.  Its due in March.

Until next time, keep on writing…


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