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This is going to be a powder keg post.  Most authors LOVE Twitter but I don’t.  I find it cliquish, confusing and way too fast for me to keep up with.  I only use it for blogging.  I know that there are certain publishers that only use Twitter to communicate with their readers and I cry foul on that.  Why only Twitter?  Most regular people (readers) have Facebook and use it for any and everything.  When are publishers going to realize that NOT everyone has jumped or will jump on the Twitter train?  I really tried a couple of years ago to use it but I found that more and more, I was ignored in conversations and the hashtags things.  GAH!

Now I’m not saying that Facebook is the BEST social media platform out there and it never will be.  Too many times have they shown us that we AREN’T driving their train.  They don’t listen to us and have screwed with our news feed, authors have lost their fan pages because Facebook thought they were spam and of course now, our opinion doesn’t matter at all.  I’m not sure Facebook even knows what they are doing now.  I’m not Facebook as much anymore mainly because a lot of it is just promo stuff.

So while the post is short today, I just wanted to share my thoughts.  Oh and don’t get me started on Pinterest.  I’m so lost over there and I’d rather be on Twitter.


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One thought on “Thoughts on Twitter

  1. I have lots of feelings. I love Pin Interest, but not for selling my books. I can collect Victorian dresses and sort them to the very year they were worn, then when my character needs to shop for a dress, I’ve got fifty, proper dresses for that year. Also, I collect animals to share on twitter as a reward for those who retweet me. Everyone seems to like those.

    I mostly, against the advice of marketers, use twitter to promo my blogs & books. I don’t use tags because they annoy me. Instead I try to make my words funny or intriguing (as I promo my blogs or books) so a reader can be amused even if they never click over to the source. Sometimes I succeed, other times I misspell critical words and the tweet make absolutely no sense. For some perverse reason, my retweeters love to pass along those.

    Only when I have something funny to say do I every reply and begin a conversation with someone. But it’s basically that…a conversation in short stubby sentences.

    I enjoy those,

    Then I get outraged by something I read and write tweets about it which probably insults some of my twitters, but chances are if they are republican and anti gay, women’s rights, and like Rush Limbaugh then they would hate my books, so I go on an speak my mind.

    Now to Facebook. Facebook allows 8-10 people see what I write, so it’s not much use to me anymore. While I like I can write more about a subject, it’s more like writing in a diary than to people…since so few will see it.

    I’m working on expanding google+ because it seems friendlier and more peeps can see what I write there.

    And the facebook page were you can have a book event are a bloody nightmare to follow. I usually give up and return to my own work.

    Honestly, I’m starting to question the value of most of these, But if I had to give one up, it would be Facebook, since no one gets to read my comments .


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