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I can not believe that we only have 42 days left until Christmas morning.  *head desk*  Still nothing bought yet.  I know that some people already have their shopping done.  Not us.  At least this year, we have a clue what we are doing which is a big step for us.
Okay, yesterday I depressed you but today I’m bringing some holiday cheer.  I grew up in Dallas, TX without a white Christmas but that’s okay.  I still have memories of the Ice Storm that hit Dallas in 1977.  City shut down for two weeks.  It was bad.  No school and a lot of our friends didn’t have electricity.  I remember that we had people at the house all the time.  Either eating, showering or just trying to stay warm.  If you had natural gas you were good but if not…In fact, my tenth birthday party was almost cancelled due to the ice but somehow it changed into a slumber party to make it easier for my friends to show up.  Good times…
Any way, seeing Christmas lights in Dallas is a treat.  Up until we moved to the sticks in 2006, I still made the trip to Swiss Avenue to see how the mansions were decorated.  Plus, rode the carriage in Highland Park to see how they decorated.  My dad used to say, “Let’s see how the servants decorated this year.”  LOL!  Plus, I still had my picture taken with the North Park Mall Santa.  Yes, say what you will but that was the only one I saw every year.  Again…good times.
So as you can see, I do have great memories of the holidays and I think of them often when I get blue.  Just wish I didn’t live far away so I can share them with our son.
The recipe for today is a layered salad that you make the day before and keep it in the icebox until ready to serve.
Layered Salad
One bag of frozen peas
One head of either iceberg or romaine lettuce
One package of bacon, cooked and crumbled
One can of sliced watercress nuts, drained
One package of shredded cheese
One purple onion either chopped or sliced
Pecans (my grandmother had a pecan tree so we ate a lot of pecans)
Salt and pepper
Mayo or Miracle Whip  (I’ve used both.  Just depends on your preference)
Here are the layers that you will have:
Lettuce, bacon, watercress nuts, onion, cheese, peas, salt and pepper, mayo
You will continue this until you have used all the ingredients.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Do not mix until ready to serve.  You need the ingredients to marry together.  Of course, you can use all kinds of spices to your liking.  Dill is good and a family favorite.
When ready to serve, mix well.  The secret to this dish is the layering and it being presented at the table/buffet NOT mixed.  The colors are beautiful to see.  Enjoy.
Here is a tidbit from my YA:

Blog Entry for September 29th

When did my life become so complicated?  I’m only 17 years old and torn between two boys.  Seriously?  And quit singing the song Torn Between Lovers.  I abhor that song and I’m still a virgin thank you very much.  UGH!

Let me start from the beginning.  One boy lives in Dallas, where I live and he is my boyfriend.  Geoff is great and we’ve known each other since the 4th grade.  We only started dating our senior year and are having fun together.  I’m comfortable with him and he makes me feel good.  Since I’m on the drill team and he is in band, we see a lot of each other during the wee early morning hours of football season.  Trust me that will test any relationship when you have to see your boyfriend with hot rollers and a scarf in your hair.

Another thing about Geoff and I, most people have predicted that at our 10 year reunion that we’ll be married, with 2.5 kids and I’ll be president of the PTA.  This prediction scares the crap out of me.  Truly it does.  I mean, can you really predict ten years after high school?  I’m just trying to make it the weekend and through our tough routine for our halftime show.  Plus, I have to work on Saturday all day because of the game on Friday.  My only concerns now are finishing my homework, writing in own my blog and not killing my younger brother.  Not getting married and having babies.  I think sex would be good, though.  Okay…mind out of gutter.

So what do you think?  Any feedback is good…I can take it!

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11 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays Blog Hop! Day 2

  1. What a great sounding recipe. Always looking for salad recipes. I love using pecans in salads, so this one is perfect for our household.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com


  2. Hi! Sex does sound good. lol I dont like the prediction thingy either. Im like you, taken it one day at a time and waiting for the weekend. My sister is younger than me, im 23 and she has one child and another on the way. My parents are really putting on the pressure for more grandkids. Yikes! lol Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway!! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. And interesting salad. I really dont like a lot of things in it. lol Cheese and bacons about it. Maybe ill just have a salad sandwich. lol


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