New Years Goals and Ponderings…

Six Sentence Sunday

Wow, do I wish it were Spring.  Its cold and rainy in my part of Texas.  I would like to see the sun soon.  I hope that everyone had a great holiday season.  Now, the cold hard truth of the new year is upon us.  I’ve taken some stock in my life and here’s what I’ve come up with, so bear with me.

1.  I have to finish my current WIP in the next few weeks.  I’m pitching it to a well known publisher mid-month and I need to be prepared.

2.  Re-work my synopsis on my romantic suspense for submission.  This is going to be a tough sell for me.  Its got a paranormal element that runs through it and its sweet.

3.  My release came went with a wimper and a gasp.  I got sick over the holidays and was out of town for it.  Plus, it released two days early.  To everyone that liked, tagged and bought it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It means a lot to me.

4.  Write a couple of more blog posts for my two upcoming blog tours.

5.  Spend more time on Facebook and Twitter as a writer and not my “real” self.

6.  Try to find some help on the review blog.  I need it badly right now.

7.  Realize that what I really want to be when I grow up is to be a writer.  Say it to myself every morning when I wake up.

8.  Also, realize that I’m not going to please everyone and that I’m sure I’ve pissed some people off and that’s okay.  I can’t make everyone happy and lately, more people have disappointed me than I have fingers and toes to count on.  That’s life and a harsh reality to learn from.

9.  To realize that I’m not one of the cool chicks and be okay with that.  No one is beating down my door asking me to join their group, co-write with them or hang out with them.  It hurts but I’ll get over it.  I got over it in high school so why should now be any different.

10.  Lastly, remember that I do matter and count in this world.  I don’t have to everyone’s approval for everything that I do.  Most people don’t but for some reason, *head slap*, I thought I did.  Wrong0…I, Harlie, make my own happiness.

Whew, that’s a bunch and I’m sure that I’ve hit some nerves, too.  But a few people have told me to live my life and be happy for me.  Its okay to be selfish.

To the people that are still around reading this, thank you.  I’ll be better in 2013 on the blog.  Trust me, Coach and Riggins are not happy with me right now.  Illness is NO excuse in their book.  Damn it!  I hate that a football coach and player has so much influence over me but hey, just look at them.  They can do whatever they want and I don’t mind them anyway.  Their punishment is…

Another Epic Fail for Harlie (as a writer)Coach Taylor!Don’t forget that I’m still running a release week contest.  A $15 GC is still up for grabs.  Good luck!

Oh…in the next few days, Tammi and the teachers will have their review of The Couple.  🙂


2 thoughts on “New Years Goals and Ponderings…

  1. I hope you’re feeling better. At least now the holidays are over, the build up to the release is over, the big day as come and gone and now it’s time to take those next steps. I’m sure the book will do well. It’s time to focus on the next one. As some of the authors in one of my loops have been saying…it doesn’t happen with just one book…or even two…just keep writing the next one. (I’ll have to listen to my own advice next week) Have a great day!


  2. I think these are great resolutions! You have to love you before others can and I’ve never been one of the “cool” kids – not sure I would even know what to do with myself if that ever happened……..


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