The Countdown Begins…3 days until release day


In honor of my debut releasing in 7 days, I’m offering a $15 GC from either Amazon, B&N, MuseItUp, or Book Depository on my release day.  Follow my posts for the next seven days.  On each day, they will be themed.  Just tell me what all 7 seven themes were during the week and on my actual release day just write them in the comment section.  Easy peasy.  Good luck!

The official countdown has begun.  Only 3 days until my debut releases from MuseItUp Publishing.   I still can’t believe it.  The world didn’t end and the Mayans were wrong.  So, I will definitely be around on Friday.  🙂

Did you get the themes from the earlier days?  Still with me?  Hate me?  Only a couple of more days to go!

Today’s topic pretty much hits the same buttons that social media does but for me, its different.  I love to blog.  Its quick, easy and I can prattle on for pages if I knew people would read it.  🙂  Roni’s post from last week talked about blogging.  I know that some authors HATE blogging; it’s the bane of their existence.  They would rather be on Twitter or Facebook spreading their gospel.  I don’t have a problem with that but what about the readers that aren’t on social media?

I know, the horrors!  Some people aren’t Tweeting what they had for breakfast or sharing nude pictures/postcards, etc. on Facebook.  So how do you reach those readers?  Well, I blog and send it out to the many loops that I belong to.  Sometimes blogging works and sometimes it doesn’t.  For the most part, blogging is becoming passé and boring.  That said, I read some really great blogs every day.  Some are funny and some are educational.  Blogging can’t be that outdated is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is still relevant.  I adore that blog and I will continue to read it every day.

So why the blogging blues for everyone else?  Have we gotten that lazy that you can’t read a 500 word blog?  Or look at a cover reveal?  Read a review? Or read what an author has to say?

That’s sad peeps.  I will continue to blog and I hope that readers will continue to read them and leave comments.

So what do you think?  Did you read it today?


5 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins…3 days until release day

  1. I notice a lot of pageviews but not a lot of comments, so at least, someone is LOOKING. I think blogging is still relevant, I think it’s just people aren’t taking as much time out to notice them. I mean, I follow a lot of blogs, can I always comment, no, but that’s just a matter of I’m already pressed for time. I love blogs! I love reading them, checking out the different ones, and I love also being a blogger! That being said, i do need to ramp up my author blog a bit more, but regardless, I love blogs. It’s been such a big part of me.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas! 🙂


  2. I do like reading blogs but a slow computer and time constraints are a real limit for me and I sometimes will take a quick peek then file the blog in a folder to go back to so I can reread and comment (sadly I’m behind). I do think blogs and blogging is important because it involves some interaction and for me is my “fun” time.
    So keep blogging please!
    Safe and happy holidays!


  3. I read blogs – I have my favorites that I read every day – I’m not sure why peeps don’t comment on blogs – like Nikki, I notice a lot of page views but not many comments.


  4. Many more pages reviews, very few comments. I try to get in a follow and comment. I’m new, so I don’t have many followers on mine yet – but it’s very new and I’m still trying to figure out what to talk about most of the time. It will come.


  5. Thank you for realizing that there are some of us who don’t frequent social media. I have very few comments on my blog although there do seem to be a lot of hits. In some places I don’t leave comments because I get caught in the captcha or the password black hole with WordPress or I may not be on the laptop and I don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to type without a real keyboard.

    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com


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