The Countdown Begins…5 days until release day


In honor of my debut releasing in 7 days, I’m offering a $15 GC from either Amazon, B&N, MuseItUp, or Book Depository on my release day.  Follow my posts for the next seven days.  On each day, they will be themed.  Just tell me what all 7 seven themes were during the week and on my actual release day just write them in the comment section.  Easy peasy.  Good luck!

The official countdown has begun.  Only 5 days until my debut releases from MuseItUp Publishing.   I still can’t believe it.  The world didn’t end and the Mayans were wrong.  So, I will definitely be around on Friday.  🙂

Did you get the themes from Friday and Saturday?  Today’s should be fairly easy to figure out.  The ones that later in the week my brew up a bit of a backlash.

As most of yall know, I’m married to the most wonderful man.  In fact, I’m a cougar.  Yep, he’s 7 years younger than me.  Roar…just kidding.  I had a major meltdown in front of him yesterday.  Yes, I cried and I’m not a crier.  Getting published has been a complete rollercoaster for me.  First the rejection over a year ago.  The revisions and the guts to pitch it to a publisher.  Signing the contract, designing the cover, getting edits and the getting the final copy.  Whew!  Well, I’m having major author’s doubt.  What is no one buys it?  What is people hate it?  What if I’m laughed at for my effort?  Oh wait, I have been laughed at already and no one has even read it.

Well, last night he told to fuck all of the naysayers.  “Baby, you have done something that most people haven’t done or want do.  You are published.  Don’t ever let someone take you down for that accomplishment.  I’m proud of you and always will be.  But, when do I get to read it?”  I gave him my Kindle and said, “Here, its ready for you to read right now.”  Needless to say he didn’t read it right then but he will read it before the release date.

My point to this is what happens when you write and you have family members that will not support you?  On my side of the family, my mom/aunts/cousins can not wait to get their hands on my book.  They’ve been jonesing for weeks to read it.  Especially my cousin who is the inspiration for the book.  🙂  My mom…what can I say?  She gave me my first “naughty” book back in the 80’s to read (Sandra Brown’s “Lucky”) and has read romance books all her life.  She has supported me through this whole process with encouragement and hugs.  My dad, bless him, give me the laptop that I’m typing on so I wouldn’t have to share the desktop with my husband and kid.  Both of my parents gave me the gift of reading and I will forever be grateful.  If my two grandmothers were alive today, they wouldn’t read my book (too spicy for them) but nonetheless, they would tell everyone they knew that their granddaughter wrote a book and to buy it.  One of my grandmother’s sat on her town’s library board for years and was a big supported of new authors.  My other grandmother minored in literature.

Now we get to my husband’s side of the family.  I know that I’ve bitched about Christmas and all but I really do love my in-laws.  Yes, I’m one of those that actually is friends with my MIL.  My problem with this side is that they are Baptist and Catholic.  Yep, nice mix but you can’t ever spell SEX in front of them much less talk about it.  They all know that I’ve written a book and are proud of me.  But as I go to see them over the holiday, questions will be raised about the book.  What do I say?  Yes, there is sex in the book, deal with it?  People have sex, its normal and healthy?  Gulp!  I will be with them on my release date and I’m sad about that in some ways.  At least when I go to my SIL’s salon, I can talk about it there.  I will be bringing the Kindle for them to see it.

So what do I do in this situation?  One side is beyond excited, can’t wait to read it and the other side…well, its not their cuppa.  Over the holiday, do I talk about the book or just leave it be?  My husband says to leave it be and see if anyone talks about it and then go from there.  Eek!  *head desk*


5 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins…5 days until release day

  1. Well, I’m personally kinda of chicken when it comes to the “controversial” stuff – I live in a conservative area and have been told numerous times that peeps are praying for me over what I read – sigh- anywho – I wouldn’t mention it and see if they mention it – like you said you can mention it at your SIL’s salon and that’s cool.
    Let us know how the DH likes the book:)


  2. I’m a shy person but I don’t think it would hurt to mention your book after all it’s a great accomplishment…now it would be easier if someone (say your DH) were to do the mentioning. It doesn’t need to be come a full table conversation but it’s not something to hide either. Whichever you decide/decided…I just want to pass on my congratulations to you!


  3. My hubby is proud of me, my friends are proud of me and so is my family. Once they all realize just out much sex is in the book and how explicit it actually is, will they still be proud? Or will they say – you write “that”? The rejection from publishers bothers me less than the rejection or criticism from friends and family. If they don’t like it, then what do I do? …. My advice to you is the same advice I give myself – keep on writing! I congratulate you and wish you all the best on your release date Harlie. I’m rooting for you.


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