The Countdown Begins…7 days until release day


In honor of my debut releasing in 7 days, I’m offering a $15 GC from either Amazon, B&N, MuseItUp, or Book Depository on my release day.  Follow my posts for the next seven days.  On each day, they will be themed.  Just tell me what all 7 seven themes were during the week and on my actual release day just write them in the comment section.  Easy peasy.  Good luck!

The official countdown has begun.  Only 7 days until my debut releases from MuseItUp Publishing.  I’m excited but I’m not.  Depression has set in for this debut author.  I’m so proud of this story and to finally have it published.  My editor Lea (who is also the publisher) has been my biggest supporter, cheerleader and all around “I could kiss you right now” when I pitched the story, accepted the contract, went through edits and final galleys.  She soothes my nerves, answered my questions and put me at ease.  If you are looking for a publisher, I highly recommend MuseItUp.

Here’s where the depression sets in…I just can’t muster up the excitement.  Christmas is 4 days away and we have no presents.  We don’t even have a clue what we are buying.  Husband has to work this weekend and oh yes, he works on Christmas Eve.  When he leaves work on Christmas Eve, we have a 5 hour drive to the in-laws.  Can you tell I’m beyond excited about it?  I love my in-laws, I truly do and we have a good time but just once, I would like Christmas at our house.  Our son hasn’t experienced going to Christmas Eve services at our church much less anywhere else, leaving milk and cookies out for Santa or leaving a piece of cheese for Santa Mouse.  I would like to share MY traditions with our son.  I would like our son to wake us up in our house on Christmas morning.  Knowing that on Christmas morning, we are faced with ripping opening presents, rushing to get ready because people will start showing up before 11 am to have Christmas lunch.  Just once, I would like to stay in last year’s pj’s that I got for Christmas and be lazy.  *sigh*

I can honestly tell you that I don’t have a clue if I will be at my house on release day or my in-laws.  Nice, I know.  Plus, I have 5 books to read, review and post on the review blog before I go since I don’t know when we are going to be back.  Oh, the laptop goes with me but when will I honestly have time to really work on anything.  Overwhelming would describe my life now and hence why I just can’t get excited about my release.  I wish I could sit in front of my computer in a week with a cup of coffee in the morning and see my debut released, at my house and then have hub’s take me to lunch and then wine later in the evening.  But I’m sure we will probably be on the damn highway trying to get home.  😦

Please don’t get me wrong…I’m still pinching myself about my AWESOME debut, just wish I could pinch myself into some excitement.

10 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins…7 days until release day

  1. I’m right there with you! Good luck with the release and with the travel plans. Find the time (it might be in a corner with a glass of wine) to soak in the pleasure of having achieved this goal – you’ve worked hard for it and deserve it. Happy Holidays!


  2. Maybe y’all need to find a middle ground….compromise. I understand the whole thing about having your own traditions as a family with your son. It’s hard, because everyone wants something their way and sometimes other feelings aren’t considered.

    Make Christmas the best that It can be. It’s not just about the presents, it’s celebrating another year with the ones you love, and reflecting on the good that you have. I’m usually one for the holiday spirit, and this year I don’t seem to have it. I don’t want to buy any family members anything, especially hubby’s because half his family is living on out property and not taking care of themselves, and I’m beyond sick of it. But, I’m trying to stay positive because my 3 year old deserves better than his Mommy’s crummy Christmas attitude this year.

    Congratulations on your upcoming release. The day is almost here, and hey, the world didn’t end, so you will get to see your book go live and viral 🙂



  3. My Christmas wish for you is that on Release Day, excitement will come pouring out of you and you won’t be able to keep your feet on the floor you’ll be dancing so much! Congratulations, Harlie. I love the cover of “The Couple”. Very pretty.


  4. Just remember that you are never given more than you can handle – I know it’s hard to think of things that way but it’s true. Make the best of your situation – I’ll be excited for you:)


  5. Well you hang in there. I can tell you are totally overwhelmed and with good reason. Sucks when things seemingly have to be different than the way we want them to be. 😦 We will all be super excited for you nonetheless!! Only 7 Days…WOOT!


  6. Just the holidays can be overwhelming and add on this major personal and wonderful event in your life…it’s a lot to take in at the same time. It’s a lot like getting married– the whole preparation and to do and it can feel like it’s not just your event but everyone’s so you feel like you’re needing to take on the world and everyone else. Take a breather and step back and look at each one separately instead of all at once. As of today, Christmas is over for this year and now it’s time for one of the biggest parties of your life and you’re the star! Congratulations for accomplishing what so many only talk about!


  7. How exciting to have a new book coming out! I wasn’t looking forward to visiting my MIL either…she was pouring on the guilt because we didn’t want to come down and spend Christmas eve at her house…and it’s not like we have any little ones or that she even thinks about giving us a gift, lol. We waited and drove down to her house on Christmas, had a nice early dinner (and seconds a few hours later). Somehow, I wasn’t quite ready for Christmas and a little melancholy myself so I can definitely understand your feelings.

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