And the hits keep coming…

The hits just keep coming….

Didn’t even place in the online contest that I entered.  I thought my menage start was good…

Still no word on the submission that I sent in.  Its been three weeks…

Lost out to a critique from Leah Brahmel on the Brenda Novak Auction, too.

I did win a manuscript evaluation from Lori Perkins, Editorial Director from Raveneous Romance.  That’s due by August 1st.  Need to figure out which erotic short that I have started that I will finish for her.  Lori is also the owner of Lori Perkins Literary Agency. 

Maybe he can keep my spirits up. 

At least Harlie’s review blog is up and churning right now.  At least that’s something that I can do right.

*double sigh*

Kid won his T-ball game tonight 12-9.  Woo Hoo!


16 thoughts on “And the hits keep coming…

  1. Aww, don't give up! Your menage was good!You will find the right nitch for your fab erotic shorts, never fear. And the manuscript evaluation sounds like a next great start.I love the pic… yummmmm *puddle*


  2. Oh, Hugs. I'm sorry. I have been there soooooo many times. Pick your chin up because this ms eval could be your ticket. I'm not much help on a crit cause that's not my genre, but maybe someone could give it a skim? Hang in there, sugar, things'll turn around.


  3. Hey, I feel your pain. Both in the contest and silent submissions. *cue cricket chirps* But when it comes right down to living life – we can look at your yummy pictures and scream PLAY BALL at T-ball games!!


  4. This smells. But it will get better–just wait. I know you're down in the dumps now, but things can and do change like that–*snaps fingers*.I question why we need all the crap that happens to us, but maybe it happens so when the good stuff happens, we really appreciate it.LOL, I have no clue, but just know things will pick up.


  5. hang in there dear. These things truly do take a while as asinine and annoying as that sounds. Don't give up. Take all the critique, apply them to your work, and resubmit something EVEN BETTER!


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