Epicon-Day 1

Texas Bluebonnets

As most of yall know, I live in Texas.  I was raised in Dallas but now live with my family in East Texas.  The picture of the bluebonnets was actually taken in the Texas Hill Country.  Aren’t they stunning?  The point of the picture is that I’m in San Antonio, TX at my first conference.  Its the Epicon conference.  Epicon stands for Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition.  I highly encourage anyone to go to their website and take a look around.  Here’s the link:
www.epicorg.com .

Well, we made it…finally.  It was late by the time we got into San Antonio last night but we did manage to make new friends right away and yes, cocktails were served.  It was a beautiful night but I was beat.  Heck, I’m up at 5:15 am every morning and by the time my roommate and I managed to get to the room it was almost midnight.  I swear I passed out once my head hit the pillow.  This morning’s workshops don’t interest me at all but this afternoon, I will be at the workshop called Virtual Blog Tours-Pitfalls, Problems & Solutions.  As a reviewer and blog hop participant, I look forward to hearing what the authors have to say about blog tours.  Hopefully, I will come away with some new ideas of my own and learning what authors like and don’t like about blog tours.

The view outside our window is the Alamo.  Yes, the Alamo.  Its absolutely crazy in San Antonio.  Its Spring Break, the streets are crowded and the Riverwalk is insane.  So far this morning I have been to Starbucks *sigh* and I have enjoyed walking part of the Riverwalk before all the crazies wake up.  Tonight we are taking a River Boat Cruise and I can’t wait for that.

So far some of the crazies that I have met are Desiree Holt, Debbie Sullivan, Cynthia Rhoades and of course my roommate and travel buddy, Casea Major.  At lunch, I’m sure I will meet more and tomorrow with the eFiesta bookstore in the afternoon. 

More later but for now, I need to get more caffeine. 


6 thoughts on “Epicon-Day 1

  1. Hmmm…crazy, huh? And crazy gets more as the wine flows. But it was loverly to meet a fellow wild-n-crazy Texan. So, ladies, if you want the REAL skinny on Ms. Harlie I can –erk . Never mind. My lips are sealed.H, if you are this way again, drop me a line and we will do dinner or lunch or drinks….whatever. Hope to see you in Portland for the 2013 Conference!


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